Hope for Paws Foundation

The Hope for Paws Foundation is one of the student charities that will be present at the Fair this year.  Come and support them and find out more about their cause!


Hope For Paws Foundation is a fundraising group that works to raise money for Hong Kong shelter dogs to give them a better quality of life. We also focus on raising awareness for these shelter dogs, and we strongly promote the idea of "adopt, don't shop", and we work on encouraging the public to adopt a dog rather than buying on at a pet store.

We will be selling various items including notebooks from a primary design competition, and the net profit will go to smaller Hong Kong dog shelters such as Catherine's Puppies and Sai Kung Stray Friends, who is currently struggling with keeping the shelter running, especially after the big typhoon and rainstorm.

Apart from raising money, we try to make regular trips over to the shelters to spend time being with the dogs that our money is going towards. These dogs do not get a lot of one on one time which damages their chances of getting adopted (because they don't really know how to be social), and going out there to spend time socialising them also raises their chances of adoption. Our ultimate goal is to help dogs get adopted, and to better their lives at the shelter while they wait. 


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