Introducing Spin the Barrel

Kids just love the Spin the Barrel game, where you are guaranteed to win a prize!  We speak with Mimi Goh who has been organising the Spin the Barrel game for a couple of years.

Hi Mimi!  Thank you for volunteering again.  Tell us about Spin the Barrel - how does it work?

It is a fun game!! You are guaranteed a prize and you can choose the prize yourself.

One fair coupon for a spin, you pick up the color ball from the barrel, then you choose the prize base on the color ball you picked.

We always have new prizes stock up from time to time so its fun to come back to have more spins. 

Who comes to play?

From toddlers to grownups!! Everyone just loves Spin the Barrel!! 

Where is your stall?

We will most likely be in the car park. 

How did you come to volunteer?  I'd like to volunteer too, what can I help out with?

I just think it is nice and fun to get involved with the fair, and my kids definitely love this game! I will have my daughter (she is turning 6 and she was begging me to let her join) to help out this year. You are more than welcome to come and join me to man the store together, either to collect coupons, to help with the barrels or help the kids to choose the prizes (most of the time they cannot decide what to choose!!)

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

Of course Spin the Barrel!! That I am able to meet new friends and see familiar faces.  I also like the bake sale also, they are awesome!!