Introducing the Book Sale

The Book Sale is a treasure trove of reading material with something for everyone, kids and adults!  Come browse and find something you'll love!  We speak today with Wen Zhang and Marina Chira who have been long time organisers of the book sale.

Hi ladies!  Thank you for volunteering again.  How long have you been involved with the book sale and how did you come to volunteer with the stall?

Both of us have been involved in the school Fair for many years since our children joined the school. We both started with the Flea Market and then moved on to the second hand books.

What do people love most about the book sale?

People who visited the book sale are themselves book lovers or have children loving reading, or both. Thanks to generous donations and love-to-read culture of the CIS school community, we have a wide range of donations of books, CDs, and DVDs in English and Chinese, occasionally in other languages too. One can almost always find something interesting, whether it is pre-school baby/toddler readings, classic children's literature, biographies, sci-fi, latest teen readings, SAT and exam preparations, best-selling adults' fiction or non-fiction, personal development, health and travel, cooking books, art and design etc.

In addition, our books cost next to nothing. We charge $10 each for paperback, and $20 each for hardback. We also offer discount to bulk purchases.

Year on year, we have many parents and teachers buying books from the book sales and donating the books bought from us in previous year. It is such a fun way to read and recycle.

Where is your stall?

We will most likely be in the car park, right next to the cafe area.

I want to buy a lot of books!  How do I carry it all?

If you purchase over $200 value of books from us, we are happy to keep them for you till the end of the Fair.  

What happens to any books left unsold at the end of the Fair?

All the unsold books will be given away to charitable organisations. For many years, our senior secondary students run the Philippines Book Project. After the Fair, they will help to collect and send unsold English children books to the Philippines. For Chinese books and remaining English books, we will donate them to Hong Kong-based charities.  

Tell us a bit about the team.  What do you need volunteers for and how can they sign up?

At moment, Marina Chira (Y1 and Y5 parent) and Wen Zhang (Y8 parent) are parent volunteers in charge of the second hand books. If any parents are interested in joining the team please sign up here.

Starting from November 1, the team will begin the sorting of donated books into different categories. Large number of parent volunteers are wanted. Everyone is welcome. To help, many parents take advantage of the time after they drop off their child(ren) to school in the morning or before pick up the kid(s) in the afternoon, whether it is for one or two hours. 

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

Being involved in the Fair is fun and rewarding. It is one of the best ways to get to know other parents, the school and the community. Through such involvements, we have got better appreciation what makes the school unique and great, which in turn allows us to talk more sensibly with our children about their school life and offer more effective supports.  All the money from the book sales goes to school to benefit our children.