Be An Eco-Warrior!

We continue our Green Initiative this year by being mindful of our impact on the environment. We are reducing Fair waste and our carbon footprint even more this year. Read on to learn more about how you can help BE GREEN at the Fair!

BYOB - Bring Your Own Water Bottle
Say NO! to single use plastic water bottles. Over the summer all our water fountains were replaced with modern, water re-filling stations. These stations remind us how many plastic bottles we save by re-filling our water bottles. Please bring your own water bottles to the Fair. Don't worry if you forget.....we have CIS branded eco-friendly water bottles on sale this week and Fair Day. Please note that we made a limited run so buy now while stock is still available. We WILL NOT be selling any single-use plastic water bottles at the Fair. 

HONG KONG landfills will be at capacity by 2019. We need to work together mindfully to take care of our city. Four Recycling Stations will be set up around the Fair. Please note the posters and dispose of your Fair rubbish responsibly. Bins will be clearly labelled. Please take the time to place your rubbish in the correct bins. Food waste will be collected for composting in the School Composter.

There will be plenty of yummy cuisines to choose from in the cafeteria. Sit down and enjoy your meal with the Cafeteria's re-usable plating and cutlery.  We are reducing our use of disposable plates and containers! Should you need them, take away containers and cutlery will be available for a nominal charge of $1. Vegware has generously sponsored the compostable food containers, cups and cutlery. Please dispose of them in the specially marked Vegware bins. Baguio will come at the end of the day to transport all Fair rubbish to the correct processing facilities. We will receive a report showing how much we have recycled and how we have lowered our carbon footprint.

Shuttle Bus and Public Transport
Do seriously consider taking the Phoenix Express, our free shuttle bus or public transportation up to Braemar Hill. Park your car or get dropped off at the Tin Hau MTR Station. The Phoenix Express runs every 15 minutes starting from 9.45am, with the last bus leaving CIS will be at 4.30.

To CIS: Every 15 mins from 9:45am to 12:45pm
From CIS: Every 15 mins from 2:00pm to 4:30pm

People taking the Phoenix Express will be rewarded with 10 free prize stamps!  Collect a voucher when you are aboard the bus and claim it at the T-Shirt Stall at Moongate.

Hau Yuen Path will be closed to vehicles from 9.30am to 6pm. Buses coming up from Causeway Bay include the 25A, 108 and Minibus 25. Buses from Tin Hau/North Point include 41A, 85, 27 and Minibus 49M. The 25 bus comes from Central.

CIS merchandise will be sold outside the CCA Office alongside the Fair T-shirts. We have created a limited run of compostable water bottles, luggage tags, mousepads, umbrellas and sports and waterproof bags. Buy early to avoid disappointment.

Stamp Cards - Reducing Paper
After last year's successful introduction we will continue to issue Prize stamp cards to replace the Prize coupons. Prize stamp cards will be available at all Primary Games Stalls or at the CIS Cash Tables. Each card can hold up to 50 stamps. If you participate in the Treasure Hunt or take the CIS shuttle bus (the Phoenix Express) you can earn bonus Prize stamps. 

Let's all do our part to GO GREEN AT THE FAIR!. Please help the CIS FAIR compost, reduce, re-use and recycle.