Introducing the Korean Food Stall

The Korean Food stall is one of the biggest lunch time attractions at the CIS Fair.  Their popularity is legendary and regular fair-goers know to go early to get their Korean food fix before they inevitably sell out!  Thank you to all the Korean families who contribute and the wonderful mums to man the stall on the day.  Here we speak to Yoon Lee and Sung Yon Park as they lead the team this year:

Hi ladies! Thank you for volunteering! How long have you been involved with the Korean Food Stall?

We both started to participate when kids joined CIS. It has been 3 years for me and 11 years for Sung Yon. Sung Yon didn't miss a year!

The Korean food stall has to be one of the most popular attractions at the Fair. Why do you think people love it so much?

We are just so blessed that Korean food became so popular in Hong Kong past few years. I always thought that kimchee is a tough food for foreigners to like but there are surprisingly high kimchee buyers at the fair. We are so thankful!

What kind of items do you typically serve?

As Korean community in CIS is not so big, we tried to keep the menu simple so would have less burden on volunteers. We have three set menus. Rice and kimchee with bulgogi (marinated beef), Japchae (noodles with vegitables) or both. We sell kimchee seperately too.

Where is your stall?

In the canteen on the 6th Floor. Walk up or take the lift to get there. You can't miss us!

Tell us a bit about the team of Korean mums that volunteer.

I am super lucky to work with enthusiastic mums who have more experience than I have. They are the experts working in the Korean Food Stall for many years so I just need to gather them and listen to their suggestions.

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

My favourite part of the fair is to get to know many parents and teachers in a deeper level and to get to serve the CIS community together in some way. Tasty baked goods are always my first and last stop and of course my sons enjoy games and prizes.

Introducing Vintage Clothing

The Vintage Clothing stall is an Aladdin's Cave of treasures.  Its a hugely popular part of the Fair and people in the know come early to get the best items and the best bargains!  Here we speak with Zoe Lau and Yana Chung Tsang '95 who are running the Vintage Clothing stall this year.

Hi ladies!  Thank you for volunteering.  Can you tell us a little about yourselves and how you came to be involved with the Vintage Clothing stall?

The two of us met more than 15 years ago when we worked for the same financial services company.  We loved working together professionally and became dear friends over time.  When we both became CIS parents, we wanted to work hand-in-hand to serve the CIS community.  Joining the CIS Fair committee gave us the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.  We couldn't think of a better way to have fun and make a difference at the same time!

Last year, we took on the challenge of running the Bake Sale, despite not knowing the first thing about baking.  Thanks to the tremendous support of our generous sponsors and talented community, we stocked our stall with endless goodies (you don't want to know how much we sold in calories!).  You could smell the sweet aroma of our stall from miles away!

This year, we decided to pass the rolling pin (i.e. baton) to Carrie Seto '00 and Lisa Chan '00, who know much more about baking than we do.  Given how much fun we had on the Fair Committee last year, we immediately raised our hands to cochair a different "business".  That's how we ended up trading in our flour-dusted aprons for a more "glamorous" look selling lovingly-used vintage items.

What do you sell?

Gosh, what don't we sell?  Thanks to the generosity of our community, we will be selling all sorts of clean, good quality clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.  Loyal customers will know that when it comes to our stall, early birds get the worm.  So make sure Vintage Clothing is your first stop!  You want to beat the crowd to get the first pick of the best items.  And bring BIG shopping bags - you will find lots of gems as you go through our racks!  We will also be selling environmentally friendly shopping bags at the Fair this year, so you can buy these from us to carry your shopping if you forget to bring your own!

Where are you located?

We'll be in the carpark right next to the Bake Sale.  Follow the aroma of sweet treats and savory goodies and you won't miss us!

Any tips to find the very best items and bargains?

Shhhhhh!  Don't tell anyone we said this, but volunteers who help us set up the day before the Fair will get a special "preview".  We may even let you reserve a couple of items.  Wink wink.

What do you need volunteers to do and where can they sign up to help?

We need you.  We need your friends.  We need your family members.  We need lots and lots of people to help sort through donations and set up the day before the Fair.  Please click here to sign up now!

What is your favourite part of the fair?

We're not biased or anything - of course we're not.  Vintage Clothing is simply the best!  Don't miss out!

Oh, and I, Yana, love Spin the Barrel too because that's the stall that my dad created and ran for more than a decade when my sisters and I were students at CIS.

Introducing the Taiwanese Food Stall

The Taiwanese food stall started last year and was so popular that it's back for the second year running. Bubble tea anyone?  Here we speak with the Taiwanese food stall team organisers, Eva Chang, Tiffany Yang and Pei Yin Chen.

Hi ladies!  Thank you for volunteering!  Tell us a bit about the Taiwanese food stall!

This is our second year of Taiwanese food stall, we had so much fun and good feedback from last year so that we are definitely looking forward to seeing more people loving our food this year.

You were very popular last year and I believe sold out before the Fair ended!  What kind of items do you typically serve?

The typical Taiwanese food we are preparing is braised pork rice and passionfruit bubble tea (the same as last year). Taiwanese sausages will be our new twist this year.

Where is your stall?

In the canteen on the 6th Floor.  Walk up or take the lift to get there.  You can't miss us!

Tell us a bit about the team of moms that volunteer.

Moms that volunteer this year are mostly from Taiwan, and we also have moms from Hong Hong and Singapore. We are going to have lots of fun this year!  If you'd like to volunteer with us, please email

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

Our favourite part of the Fair is, we are able to participate as a host at our food stall to welcome our guests, but also enjoy being there playing games and trying out new things while we are not on duty.

Introducing the Sausage Sizzle

The Sausage Sizzle is a real crowd-pleaser and one of the biggest food attractions at the CIS Fair.  People usually find it by just following the mouth-watering smell right to the stall!  It's a great one too for CIS Dads to volunteer at.  Here we speak to Brad Okita and Bill Porter who have been long-time organisers of this firm favourite of the Fair.

Hi guys!  Thank you for volunteering again.  How long have you been involved with the Sausage Sizzle?

I think I've been involved for four years, and Bill was involved at least a year before me.

The Sausage Sizzle has to be one of the most popular attractions at the Fair.  What do you typically serve?

We start the morning with what's known as a "Bacon Buttie", which is bacon served on a fresh bun with a butter and some HP sauce. A classic, which helps everyone who is at the Fair early get started. Next we usually have a selection of sausages, starting from traditional hot dogs, English bangers, as well as really lovely Swiss veal sausages. The quality is really nice, and cooked lovingly by CIS parents, teachers and staff.

Where is your stall?

We will most likely be at Moongate, right in the middle of the Fair.  Just follow your nose!

Tell us a bit about the team.  Who usually volunteers and what do they do?

Lots of Dad's who probably don't get to BBQ enough on the weekends. We have good music in the background and it's a nice place to hang out.

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

Apart from the Sizzle, the baked goods are always tasty. The games in the Lower Primary Gym are always fun, too. 

Please note that beer is sold at the sausage sizzle and sales are strictly prohibited to persons under the age of 18.

Introducing the Bake Sale

The Bake Sale is a hugely popular part of the Fair and amazingly sells out every year.  We couldn't do it without the help of the amazing CIS community and the wonderful bakers: mums, dads and kids!  Here we speak to Carrie Seto and Lisa Ma who are heading up the Bake Sale this year. 

Hi ladies!  Thank you for volunteering!  Tell us a bit about yourselves and why you volunteered for the Bake Sale!

Lisa and Carrie has been friends since 1996 (we’re both CIS alumni from class of ’00!) From college to starting a career and our own families, we’ve both been there to support one another through the good times and the bad. This is what makes CIS a great community – the friends you make here are for life! 

Carrie was involved in the Bake Sale last year and was asked to participate in the Bake Sale this year again. Lisa’s older son, Lucas, has just joined reception this year and being a new CIS parent, is eager to be involved in the CIS community, so we immediately joined forces to volunteer for the Bake Sale. It’s a big responsibility as it is such a big part of the Fair, but hey, who doesn’t like to be surrounded by baked goods and sweets all day? 

The Bake Sale has to be one of the highlights of the Fair.  What kind of items do you have at the stall and which are the most popular?

We have everything from cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, brownie, muffins… And it’s not all about sweets, there are savory items too! The CIS community is certainly a talented bunch!  Everything is popular as we always sell out but the brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes seem to be particular favourites.  Over the recent years more and more people have been looking for healthier choices such as granola, or alternative diets such as vegan and gluten free items.  We have a section dedicated to these specialist diets too!

There are donations from professional bakeries too?  

Yes there are! Make sure you come early because the goods sell fast!  In previous years we have had donations from Tai Tai Pie Pies, Sift and more!

Where is your stall? 

Our stall is located at the entrance of the parking lot, so come grab a mid-morning snack when you arrive, or stock up on baked goods just before you leave (if there’s anything left!!).  If you buy a large amount of items you can even leave it with us for pickup later.  Our stall will also include the lemonade stand, and situated next to a small café area where you can grab a cup of coffee of tea to enjoy with your baked goods.

How can people volunteer to contribute or sell items on the day?

If you are interested to donate or help out with the bake sale, please take a look here. And don’t forget, we welcome all parents, teachers, students and alumni to help and support! Even if you’re not much of a baker, come sign up and help to sell!

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

Our favourite part of the Fair is definitely being able to spend time at the school with our friends and families, see familiar faces from teachers to old classmates to meeting new friends, young and old. There’s always something for everyone at the Fair and the atmosphere is wonderful. The CIS community is really like one big family.