Introducing the Korean Food Stall

The Korean Food stall is one of the biggest lunch time attractions at the CIS Fair.  Their popularity is legendary and regular fair-goers know to go early to get their Korean food fix before they inevitably sell out!  Thank you to all the Korean families who contribute and the wonderful mums to man the stall on the day.  Here we speak to Yoon Lee and Sung Yon Park as they lead the team this year:

Hi ladies! Thank you for volunteering! How long have you been involved with the Korean Food Stall?

We both started to participate when kids joined CIS. It has been 3 years for me and 11 years for Sung Yon. Sung Yon didn't miss a year!

The Korean food stall has to be one of the most popular attractions at the Fair. Why do you think people love it so much?

We are just so blessed that Korean food became so popular in Hong Kong past few years. I always thought that kimchee is a tough food for foreigners to like but there are surprisingly high kimchee buyers at the fair. We are so thankful!

What kind of items do you typically serve?

As Korean community in CIS is not so big, we tried to keep the menu simple so would have less burden on volunteers. We have three set menus. Rice and kimchee with bulgogi (marinated beef), Japchae (noodles with vegitables) or both. We sell kimchee seperately too.

Where is your stall?

In the canteen on the 6th Floor. Walk up or take the lift to get there. You can't miss us!

Tell us a bit about the team of Korean mums that volunteer.

I am super lucky to work with enthusiastic mums who have more experience than I have. They are the experts working in the Korean Food Stall for many years so I just need to gather them and listen to their suggestions.

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

My favourite part of the fair is to get to know many parents and teachers in a deeper level and to get to serve the CIS community together in some way. Tasty baked goods are always my first and last stop and of course my sons enjoy games and prizes.