Introducing the Sausage Sizzle

The Sausage Sizzle is a real crowd-pleaser and one of the biggest food attractions at the CIS Fair.  People usually find it by just following the mouth-watering smell right to the stall!  It's a great one too for CIS Dads to volunteer at.  Here we speak to Brad Okita and Bill Porter who have been long-time organisers of this firm favourite of the Fair.

Hi guys!  Thank you for volunteering again.  How long have you been involved with the Sausage Sizzle?

I think I've been involved for four years, and Bill was involved at least a year before me.

The Sausage Sizzle has to be one of the most popular attractions at the Fair.  What do you typically serve?

We start the morning with what's known as a "Bacon Buttie", which is bacon served on a fresh bun with a butter and some HP sauce. A classic, which helps everyone who is at the Fair early get started. Next we usually have a selection of sausages, starting from traditional hot dogs, English bangers, as well as really lovely Swiss veal sausages. The quality is really nice, and cooked lovingly by CIS parents, teachers and staff.

Where is your stall?

We will most likely be at Moongate, right in the middle of the Fair.  Just follow your nose!

Tell us a bit about the team.  Who usually volunteers and what do they do?

Lots of Dad's who probably don't get to BBQ enough on the weekends. We have good music in the background and it's a nice place to hang out.

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

Apart from the Sizzle, the baked goods are always tasty. The games in the Lower Primary Gym are always fun, too. 

Please note that beer is sold at the sausage sizzle and sales are strictly prohibited to persons under the age of 18.