Introducing the Taiwanese Food Stall

The Taiwanese food stall started last year and was so popular that it's back for the second year running. Bubble tea anyone?  Here we speak with the Taiwanese food stall team organisers, Eva Chang, Tiffany Yang and Pei Yin Chen.

Hi ladies!  Thank you for volunteering!  Tell us a bit about the Taiwanese food stall!

This is our second year of Taiwanese food stall, we had so much fun and good feedback from last year so that we are definitely looking forward to seeing more people loving our food this year.

You were very popular last year and I believe sold out before the Fair ended!  What kind of items do you typically serve?

The typical Taiwanese food we are preparing is braised pork rice and passionfruit bubble tea (the same as last year). Taiwanese sausages will be our new twist this year.

Where is your stall?

In the canteen on the 6th Floor.  Walk up or take the lift to get there.  You can't miss us!

Tell us a bit about the team of moms that volunteer.

Moms that volunteer this year are mostly from Taiwan, and we also have moms from Hong Hong and Singapore. We are going to have lots of fun this year!  If you'd like to volunteer with us, please email

What is your favourite part of the Fair?

Our favourite part of the Fair is, we are able to participate as a host at our food stall to welcome our guests, but also enjoy being there playing games and trying out new things while we are not on duty.